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PFC-8M portable Flight case LED display adopts outdoor HD 1.875mm point spacing screen, which is divided into upper and lower parts. On startup, the home screen rises up. When the program limit height is reached, it automatically starts rotating 180 degrees and combining with another screen to form a complete screen. After manually holding the lock, the two screens are locked together, the two sides of the screen synchronously expand the folded side screen, and finally combined into a 3600 * 2025mm large screen.

The portable LED Flight case can also be integrated into multiple Flight case of the same type, and multiple Flight case screens can be assembled into a large LED outdoor display device for a variety of occasions. This design makes the portable Flight case LED display is widely used in a variety of mobile activities, such as exhibitions, shows, events, etc. Its portability allows users to easily carry LED display to different places to meet the needs of different occasions.

At the exhibition, the portable Flight case LED display can be used as a tool to display product information and promotional materials. Its high-definition display effect and rich color expression can attract the attention of the audience, to help enterprises to attract more customers. At the same time, the portability of portable Flight case LED display also makes the exhibition more convenient to build. The position and Angle of LED display can be adjusted at any time according to the size and layout of the booth, so as to achieve the best display effect.

At performances and events, the portable Flight case LED display can serve as a display tool for the stage background and visual effects. Its high brightness and high contrast features enable the picture to be clearly displayed under different light conditions, bringing a better visual experience to the audience.

In addition to its application in exhibitions, performances and events, portable Flight case LED display can also be widely used in commercial advertising, outdoor advertising and other fields. Its portability and flexibility make it can be built and displayed anytime and anywhere, providing more publicity channels for merchants and advertisers. At the same time, the HD display effect and remote visibility of the portable Flight case LED display also enable it to attract more attention in the outdoor environment, providing a better platform for the promotion of products and brands.

Whether you need a separate display or multiple screens combined into a large display device, our products can meet your needs. It not only has excellent visual effects, but also has stable performance and durable quality. Using advanced hydraulic technology, easy to operate, can complete the screen lifting, rotation and folding in a short time, saving you valuable time and energy. Our portable LED display Flight case will add more highlights and attraction to your activities and occasions, allowing your information and content to be better displayed and disseminated.


Flight case appearance
Flight casesize 2500×1000×1800mm Universal wheel 500kg 4PCS

Total weight


Flight case parameter 1, 12mm plywood with black fireproof board
2, 5mmEYA/30mmEVA
3, 8 round draw hands
4, 6 (4 "blue 36-width lemon wheel, diagonal brake)
5, 15MM wheel plate
6, six locks
7. Fully open the cover
8. Install small pieces of galvanized iron plate at the bottom
LED Screen



Module Size

150mm(W)*168.75mm(H),With COB

Light brand


Dot Pitch

1.875 mm







Average Power Consumption


Max Power Consumption



Power Supply





Receiving card

Nova MRV208

Fresh rate



Cabinet material

Die casting aluminum

Cabinet weight

aluminum 6kg


Maintenance mode

Rear service

Pixel structure


LED packaging method


Operating Voltage



Module power


scanning method





Pixel density

284444 Dots/㎡


Module resolution


Frame rate/ Grayscale, color



Viewing angle, screen flatness, module  clearance


Operating temperature



system support

Windows XP,WIN 7,

Power parameter (external prower supply)

Input voltage

Single phase 120V

Output voltage 120V  

Inrush current


Control system

receiving card



1 pcs

Hydraulic lifting




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