Jingchuan as LED mobile media customized solutions provider, to provide customers with hundreds of different types of LED advertising car design, involving all types of chassis carriers, such as trucks, trailers, electric cars, etc .; all kinds Type of mechanical structure design, electrical structure design; different types of multimedia terminals and control, such as remote touch, multimedia interaction, 3D holographic projection; all kinds of size requirements, resolution requirements of the LED display, and other digital media types; Customized customer needs to provide professional solutions.

JCT company launched the E-PICKUP3470 led screen pickup truck, as a based on the Great Wall CC1030QA20A four-wheel drive chassis to create outdoor advertising special vehicle, with a compact and smooth body design, and the use of high quality paint, dazzling colors. It is not only a practical means of transportation, but also a multi-functional publicity platform integrating advertising promotion, interactive experience and information release.

Customizable body appearance and design

The design of the pickup truck takes into account the actual needs of urban driving and advertising. Compact body, convenient and flexible shuttle in the city; smooth appearance, simple lines, give people a modern sense. The body adopts the paint baking process, bright color, with a high visual impact, can quickly attract people's attention. At the same time, the led screen pickup truck can also be modified according to customer needs, the appearance of the body.

Strong flexibility and mobility

The led screen pickup truck itself has a strong off-road capability and high load capacity, which makes it easy to cope with a variety of complex road conditions and environments. Combined with the function of the LED screen pickup truck, the truck can be given in-depth and extensive publicity in different target market areas. Whether it is urban streets and alleys, communities or rural muddy roads, it can shuttle back and forth all day according to the needs of customers, get rid of the constraints of the geographical environment, and can reach more potential customer groups. In addition, due to its mobility characteristics, it can also attract attention and improve advertising exposure and awareness.

Diversified forms of publicity

The led screen pickup truck can be advertised through video ads, while it can also be equipped with speakers, LED screens or interactive experiences in a variety of ways. This diversified form of publicity can more effectively attract people's attention and improve the effect of publicity.

Practical and economic benefit

The led screen pickup truck can be used both as a publicity vehicle and as a means of transport. While completing the propaganda task, it can also carry goods or equipment for a variety of practical operations. This versatility makes the pickup truck highly practical and economical.

High safety performance and technical support

In order to ensure the safety of the led screen pickup truck while driving, the vehicle is equipped with a variety of advanced technology and safety devices. For example, the truck tire pressure monitoring system can monitor the tire pressure of tires in real time to ensure driving safety; the alarm, alarm controller installed in the cab and LED lights in crew room, control dashboard, equipment box, etc. can send clear signals in emergency situations and remind other pedestrians and vehicles to avoid; the flashing red long row alarm lights installed on the top of the cab can provide good warning effect at night or in bad weather conditions.

To sum up, JCT launched the E-PICKUP3470 led screen pickup truck, combining pickup truck and publicity truck, can not only improve the publicity effect, but also enhance the flexibility and mobility of the truck, improve its practicality and economic benefits. This combination method has broad application prospects in the future publicity activities.


E - PICKUP3470



Chassis weight


Burglar Alarm


Chassis Brand and Model

the Great Wall(Hebei,China)/CC1030QA20A

Alarm light controller


Stroboscopic outline lamp


Long line alarm lights


Round alarm light


Power inverter






PDCParking Distance Control


Folding desk

4chairs 1desk

Left and Right Fullcolor screen


electrical system

national standard

Rear single LED screen


Video processor


Smoke machine


Power amplifier


burglar alarm




Safety signs


Roller light box

1.5m×0.7m ,Roller diameter:75mm

False fire simulator







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