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The VMS300 P37.5 five color indicator VMS trailer, with its unique design and function, provides a remarkable solution for a variety of applications in modern society. This VMS trailer not only has a solar-powered system, but also has a variety of functional advantages, ensuring stable operation and efficient performance in various environments.

5-color variable induction screen to improve the efficiency of information transmission:

The VMS300 P37.5 five color indicator VMS trailer is equipped with a 5-color variable sensor screen of 2250*1312.5mm. The large display area can not only accommodate more information content, but also provide more striking visual effects on busy traffic intersections or highways, further improving the visibility and readability of information.

The 5-color variable sensor screen can adjust the displayed color and content according to the actual requirements. For example, during rush hours, it can display more information about traffic congestion and attract drivers' attention in bold colors. The sensor screen can also automatically adjust the brightness and contrast according to the ambient light and weather conditions, to ensure that a clear display effect can be maintained in a variety of environments.

The colorful display makes the information more intuitive and easy to understand, making this VMS traffic information screen trailer stand out among the numerous traffic induction devices. In complex traffic environments, drivers can quickly identify key information and make correct driving decisions. For some emergency or important traffic information, such as accident warning, road closure, etc., through the special color coding can quickly attract the attention of drivers, and avoid accidents.

Solar power supply, all-day electricity supply:

The VMS300 P37.5 five color indicator VMS trailer is equipped with a solar power supply system, which not only enables it to work properly in areas without power supply, but also greatly reduces operating costs and maintenance frequency. Solar power is not only environmentally friendly, but also ensures that the equipment can continue to operate in an emergency, providing strong support for traffic management.

Manual lifting and 330 degrees of rotation, simple and efficient operation

The VMS300 P37.5 five color indicator VMS trailer is designed with hand lift and 330-degree manual rotation function, providing users with unprecedented ease of operation and convenience. Only one person, gently shake the lifting handle, users can easily adjust the height of the screen, to ensure that the LED square meters can be clearly seen in the audience at different heights. The 330-degree manual rotation function allows users to adjust the display Angle of the screen according to the environment and the location of the audience, whether horizontally, vertically or obliquely, to ensure that the ads and information are presented to the best effect of the audience.

Perfect safety equipment

The VMS300 P37.5 five color indicator VMS trailer has braking devices and a variety of lighting equipment, including EMARK certified trailer lights (indicator lights, brake lights, turn signal lights, side lights), which improves the visibility and safety of the trailer on the road. It is equipped with connection and control functions, with a 7-core signal connector, traction hook and expansion rod, making the trailer connection and operation easier. At the same time, it is also equipped with a brightness control card, which can automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient light, both energy-saving and practical. The whole vehicle adopts galvanizing process to enhance the corrosion resistance and durability. At the same time, the mirror, tire fender and eye-catching lighting design, not only improve the safety, but also increase the beauty of the vehicle.

Remote monitoring and control:

The system of the VMS trailer can be wirelessly controlled or remotely control the LED display through messages sent by the user. In addition, the equipped GPS module enables users to remotely monitor the location of the VMS for easy management and adjustment.

The versatility and flexibility of traffic-induced screen trailers make them an integral part of modern urban life. Whether it is traffic management, urban activities, municipal publicity or commercial advertising, it can play a huge role in providing strong support for the efficient operation of the city and the convenient life of the citizens.

In short, the VMS300 P37.5 five color indicator VMS trailer has become an important part of the modern urban traffic information display system with its unique 330-degree rotation and free lifting function, as well as excellent performance and flexible application scenarios. It can not only meet the needs of information display in various complex environments, but also bring users a more comprehensive, efficient and convenient use experience.


VMS300 P37.5 solar led trailer


Trailer appearance

Trailer size


Supporting leg

440~700 load 1 tons,4 PCS

Total weight



50mm ball head, 4 hole Australian impact connector,

torsion shaft

750KG 5-114.3,1 pce


185R12C 5-114.3,2 pcs

Max speed



Single axle


Hand brake



led parameter

Product name

5 colors variable induction screen

Product type


LED screen size:


Input voltage


Cabinet size


Cabinet material

Galvanized iron

Average power consumption


Whole screen power consumption


Maximum power consumption


Dot pitch


Pixel density


Led Model


Module Size


Control mode


Maintenance method

Front maintenance

Led brightness


Protection grade


Power parameter (external prower supply)

Input voltage


Output voltage


Inrush current




Multimedia control system

receiving card


STM32 with 4G module

1 pc

Luminance sensor




Manual lifting

manual lifting:


Manual rotation

330 degrees

solar panel


2000*1000MM,1 PCS


410W/pcs,Total 410W/h

Solar controller(Tracer3210AN/Tracer4210AN)

input voltage


Output voltage


Rated charging power


Maximum power of photovoltaic array


The battery



Battery specification

12V150AH*4 pcs,7.2 KWH


1, Can lift 800MM, can rotate 330 degrees.

2, equipped with solar panels and converters and 7200AH battery, can achieve 365 days a year continuous power supply LED screen.

3, with brake device!

4, Trailer lights with EMARK certification, including indicator lights, brake lights, turn lights, side lights.

5, with 7 core signal connection head!

6, with tow hook and telescopic rod!

7. 2 tire fenders

8, 10mm safety chain, 80 grade rated ring

9, reflector, 2 white front, 4 yellow sides, 2 red tail

10, the whole vehicle galvanized process

11, brightness control card, automatically adjust brightness.

12,VMS can be controlled wirelessly or wirelessly!

13. Users can remotely control LED SIGN by sending SMS messages.

14, equipped with GPS module, can remotely monitor the position of VMS.

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