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Side box panel and top panel expansion

The left and right sides of the stage truck, through the advanced hydraulic system, can be quickly and smoothly deployed parallel to the roof to build the roof of the stage. This ceiling not only provides the performers with the necessary shading and rain shelter to ensure that the performance is not affected by the weather, but it also can be further raised by the hydraulic system to a height of 4000mm from the stage surface. Such a design not only brings a more shocking visual effect to the audience, but also further enhances the artistic expression and attraction of the stage.

Expand of the folding stage

In addition to the flexibility of the roof, the left and right sides of the stage car are also cleverly equipped with folded stage panels. These stage boards open quickly and stably through a secondary hydraulic system and form a continuous plane with the main car underfloor, thus greatly increasing the available area of the stage. This innovative design allows the stage car to provide spacious performance space even in a limited space, fully meeting the needs of different types and scales.

Full hydraulic drive and easy operation

All the movements of the stage truck, whether unfolded or folded, depend on its precise hydraulic system. This system ensures the simplicity and speed of the operation, whether the experienced professionals or the first contact of the novice, can easily master the operation method. Full hydraulic drive not only improves the working efficiency, but also ensures the stability and safety of each operation.

In short, the 7.9m fully hydraulic stage truck has become an ideal choice for all kinds of performances and activities with its stable bottom support, flexible wing and ceiling design, scalable stage area, and convenient operation mode. It can not only provide a stable and comfortable performance environment for the performers, but also bring stunning visual enjoyment to the audience, which is an indispensable and important equipment for the performance industry.


Fully hydraulic stage truck configuration



Truck body

1、The bottom of truck is equipped with 4 hydraulic outriggers. Before parking and opening the car body, the hydraulic outriggers can be used to lift the entire vehicle to a horizontal state to ensure the stability and safety of the entire truck;
2、The left and right wing panels are deployed to the horizontal position of the roof through the hydraulic system, and form the ceiling of the stage with the roof panel. The ceiling is raised to a height of 4000mm from the stage surface through the hydraulic system; the left and right side folding stage panels are hydraulically opened in the second stage to form the same plane as the main truck floor. .
3、The front and rear panels are fixed. The electric control box and fire extinguisher are arranged on the inside of the front panel. There is a single door on the rear panel.
4、Panel: outer panels on both sides, top panel: δ=15mm fiberglass board; front and rear panels: δ=1.2mm iron flat plate: stage panel δ=18mm film-coated board
5、Four extension boards are installed at the front and rear of the stage on the left and right sides, and guardrails are installed around the stage.
6、The lower sides of the truck body are apron structures.
7、The ceiling is equipped with curtain hanging rods and lighting socket boxes. The stage lighting power supply is 220V and the lighting power line branch line is 2.5m² sheathed wire. The truck roof is equipped with 4 emergency lights.
8、The power of the hydraulic system is taken from the engine power through the power take-off, and the electrical control of the hydraulic system is DC24V battery power.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic pressure is taken from the power take-off device, using precision valve parts from northern Taiwan and operated by a wireless remote control handle. Set up an emergency backup system.


Equipped with 2 stage steps, each set of steps is equipped with 2 stainless steel handrails.


The ceiling is equipped with curtain hanging rods, equipped with 1 lighting socket box, the stage lighting power supply is 220V, and the lighting power line branch line is 2.5m² sheathed wire; the vehicle roof is equipped with 4 emergency lights, equipped with 100 meters of 5*10 square power lines and additional coiled wires plate.


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