Jingchuan as LED mobile media customized solutions provider, to provide customers with hundreds of different types of LED advertising car design, involving all types of chassis carriers, such as trucks, trailers, electric cars, etc .; all kinds Type of mechanical structure design, electrical structure design; different types of multimedia terminals and control, such as remote touch, multimedia interaction, 3D holographic projection; all kinds of size requirements, resolution requirements of the LED display, and other digital media types; Customized customer needs to provide professional solutions.

EK50Ⅱ LED mobile trailer: the pioneer of advertising communication

Large widescreen, shock audio-visual

In terms of hardware configuration, the EK50Ⅱ is unmatched. Its 12-square-meter full-color outdoor LED screen, combined with a 16:9 mainstream widescreen ratio, brings the audience a broad and clear visual experience. With high-power audio equipment, for each display have added shocking sound effects. The military-level audio-visual integrated control system ensures its smooth and stable operation, and is compatible with all kinds of video and audio files, making each presentation perfect.

Outdoor warrior: an outdoor communication giant fearless of wind and rain

The EK50Ⅱ LED mobile trailer can be a strong fortress in a stormy outdoor environment with its extraordinary durability and stability. When creating this outdoor publicity equipment, the designer fully considered the complexity of the outdoor environment, and accurately matched the weight of the vehicle to adapt to the changeable climate and terrain conditions. At the same time, in order to effectively deal with drainage problems, fixed support legs are specially set up to ensure that they can be as stable in bad weather. In addition, the designer also implemented a strict waterproof design in the key parts, and the use of full steel shell, comprehensively improve the resistance, wind resistance, seismic, anti-overturning, rain prevention and other design standards, so that it is far ahead of the industry standard, become a leader in the field of outdoor communication.

Elegant appearance and excellent features coexist

The EK50Ⅱ LED mobile trailer is not only outstanding in performance, its appearance design is also impressive. The vehicle lines are smooth and smooth, simple and elegant style gives it a very high ornamental value, so that it can be integrated into various environments, become a beautiful scenery line. At the same time, the designer also reserved enough personalized decoration space for users, so that users can according to their own preferences and needs, add unique charm for outdoor soldiers, show a unique personality.

The imported hydraulic lifting system ensures safety and stability

In order to ensure that the LED trailer can play the best performance in a variety of application scenarios, JCT company specially adopted the imported shear fork hydraulic lifting system. This system is not only safe and stable, but also can travel up to 2000mm, providing users with a great space for adjustment. Whether it needs to increase the height of the LED screen to attract more attention, or lowering the height to accommodate different viewing angles, the EK50Ⅱ LED trailer can easily handle it. This advanced design ensures that the audience can get the best viewing experience wherever they are.

12 ㎡ Outdoor mobile LED trailer has become a leader in the field of outdoor advertising with its brave and fearless tenacity, elegant and simple appearance design, and safe and stable imported hydraulic lifting system. Whether it is the city square, outdoor exhibition or large-scale event site, it can bring the best promotion effect and viewing experience for users with its excellent performance and unique charm. Choose a 12 ㎡ outdoor mobile LED trailer to make your advertising spread louder and clearer.


Brand JCT Dimension 6700mm x 1800mm x 3400mm
Material 16 manganese steel Total weight 4500KGS
Turning radius ≤8000mm Brake Hand brake
Hydraulic Lifting and Supporting System
Hydraulic lifting system Scissor type lifter; lifting range 2000mm, bearing 3000KG Supporting legs Stretching distance 2500mm
Wind-against level Against level 8 wind when screen is lifted up 2m    
LED Screen
Dimension 4800mm x 2400mm Module size 320mm(W) x 160mm(H)
Lamp brand kinglight Dot pitch 4 mm
Brightness ≥6500cd/㎡ Lifespan 100,000hours
Average Power Consumption 250w/㎡ Max Power Consumption 750w/㎡
Power Supply Meanwell DRIVE IC MBI5124
Receiving card Nova MRV316 Fresh rate 3840
Cabinet material Iron Cabinet weight Iron 50kg
Maintenance mode Rear service Pixel structure 1R1G1B
LED packaging method SMD2727 Operating Voltage DC5V
Module power 18W scanning method 1/8
HUB HUB75 Pixel density 62500 Dots/㎡
Module resolution 80*40Dots Frame rate/ Grayscale, color 60Hz,13bit
Viewing angle, screen flatness, module  clearance H:120°V:120°、<0.5mm、<0.5mm Operating temperature -20~50℃
system support Windows XP,WIN 7,    
Power parameter
Input voltage Three phases five wires 380V Output voltage 220V
Inrush current 30A Average power consumption 300wh/㎡
Multimedia Control System
Player Box NOVA Model TB50-4G
Sound System
Power amplifier Unilateral power output:500W Speaker Max power consumption:120W*2

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