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Mobile LED Advertising Truck Has Become Creative OOH Media

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As society continues to develop, traditional outdoor advertising media have been weakened to satisfy advertisers. As a result, many outdoor media companies have started to develop new outdoor promoting channels. Driven by LED display technology, the LED advertising truck market has grown fast in the OOH industry.

As a movable advertising LED display platform, the application of LED promoting trucks is considered creative and unique. Many companies have used this truck for their branding campaign. The manufacturer of this LED truck has grown fast to catch the opportunity in the industry. 

Mobile LED Advertising Truck Is  Good Solution For Brand Promoting

Compared with the traditional outdoor LED billboard, LED advertising trucks can obviously save your time and money to spread the brand advertising. Traditional outdoor LED billboards need to spend a lot of time to set up and dismantle. The LED advertising truck is not limited by time and space. The mobile media truck can stop and play at anywhere you want. The truck LED display can lift up for better visual effect.

LED billboard trucks are not restricted by geographic location, and can be used according to the streets, alleys, communities, shopping mall areas and other target market areas required by customers. Consumers inadvertently accept strong brand publicity activities.

The LED screen installed on the LED advertising truck is an outdoor full color LED screen. The size of the truck screen is big and its 3 sides truck displays have a strong visual impact. It is more attractive to catch the public eye. for major media companies, mobile LED advertising truck revenue is very considerable.

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