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Learn How to Use Mobile Big Screen Trailer Before Start

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Before starting this business, you shall learn about the mobile big screen trailer you have bought. You should know whole functions and structures of the big screen trailer. If you have your own engineers or sales staff, they can be trained according to the manufacturer’s manual instruction book or training videos.

To know better what the mobile LED advertising trailer is, your team needs to know the following aspects. 

1. Learn the basic parameters and structure of big screen trailer. Your team should know the length and weight of the whole trailer, the size and pixel of trailer mounted LED display, video processor, audio speakers, power amplifier and so on.

After you understand these basic parameters, you are able to describe your product and put the business into practice. It is very important to describe your big screen trailer accurately and professionally.

2. Learn the operation and maintenance of the whole big screen trailer. You need to train your team how to use the big screen trailer. For example, they shall be able to connect the big screen trailer with pickup or SUV towing vehicles. They shall know how to lift up trailer screens, turn on electricity supply, and edit video program on big screen trailer. Besides these daily operations, your team also need to carry out regularly maintenance of the mobile LED wall trailer, and encounter the LED screen failure.

You should solve any common problem by yourself or under the guidance of the big screen trailer manufacturer. Only if your team is familiar with the use of LED display dragging, can they not work in a hurry and make mistakes in your various outdoor event activities.

3. Learn to maximize the advanced function of big screen trailer. Many of our big screen trailer buyers are professional LED display dealers and distributors. With skillful LED display and audio expertise, they can better know how to maximize the use range of big screen trailer through a variety of other functional devices.

However, there are some LED billboard trailer buyers who are not specialized in LED display field. And many functions that can be expanded are unfamiliar to him. For example, the big screen trailer can be connected to the camera through the video processor for live broadcasting activities. It can also be connected by set top box (STB) to get TV signal trough coaxial cable, and realize outdoor live broadcast of TV programs.

In addition, the big screen trailer can also be remotely controlled via wireless and 4G. You can also add some automatic brightness adjustment, temperature sensing and other equipment to the big screen trailer to achieve certain specific purposes for better outdoor events.

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