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Is Mobile Billboard Advertising Effective?

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When we think of mobile billboard advertising, you may have an image of a semi-truck with a trailer having a huge poster or a logo. You may also think of a heavy vehicle in the shape of your favorite energy drink. But did you know that 96% of people can recall the advertisement from LED mobile billboards which is around 2 times the static billboards.

With the correct placement strategies, you can benefit on a large scale when the target audience will see your advertisements regularly. With mobile billboard advertising, you can always be aware of what your audience is looking at. With our services, we will help you figure out what campaigns will work for your audience.

Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertisement

Impossible to Miss

The roadside static mobile billboards are only visible for a few seconds as the vehicle speeds past them, and it is only visible from one side of the road. As mobile billboard advertisement is placed on moving vehicles using a high-definition screen, it is impossible for people to miss out noticing your advertisement. So, you can rely on us and to make your branding efforts successful and deliver your messages to your target audience on top priority.

Adaptable Campaigns

We adapt to your campaigns, which can be customized to meet your exact needs. The message in your advertisement can be customized on a schedule or programmed to design based on the time, weather, or geographic location, which allows you to adjust the advertising medium to meet your objectives.


Our digital mobile billboards are cost-effective compared to TV, radio, and in many cases social media advertising. Also, when compared to static billboards, our digital billboards are economical as they are compact and scheduled in the locations of your choice. We offer various advertising packages, including exclusive and shared rentals. We also offer low prices, which are low enough for any business to have this exciting new form of digital advertising to reach your targeted customers.

Fascinating Platform

Our on-the-wheels mobile billboards can display steady clips, dynamic videos with HD quality, and play live streaming broadcasts. It is supported by a state-of-the-art external stereo sound system that boosts the advertisement quality of the out of home (OOH) platform and allows and creates numerous creative marketing techniques that cannot be guaranteed by any other OOH medium. You can have the most innovative marketing delivered to your target audience.

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