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What is advantage for large outdoor LED display boards?

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As a new-style media, large outdoor LED display boards are increasingly popular and the growth ratio is 25% yearly. As its vivid visual experience, large outdoor LED display boards become an indispensible advertising carrier, especially in the city’s commercial center and density popularized areas, the large outdoor LED display boards can be viewed at any where. As it always works in harsh environment, it has higher requirement for product performance and quality than other ordinary LED displays.

Large outdoor LED display boards have been used for most of advertising, traffic information display and other video playing, etc. It is so welcome in market attributing to its many advantages.

1. High Definition Picture Display Effect

As main carrier of video advertising media, large outdoor LED display screen should have high definition display effect, including high resolution ratio, high brightness and high contrast ratio, etc. The high resolution ratio can ensure the high quality advertising picture to greatly present. High brightness can ensure the picture display still keeping clear even it is under sunlight direct radiation. High contrast ratio is to keep picture color even and exquisite picture.

2. Low Power Consumption and Energy-Saving

The lighting source of large outdoor LED display boards is LED which is an energy-saving source. The manufacturing of large outdoor LED display should also consider its performance for low power consumption, including its product structure and encapsulate type.

3. Big Visual Angle and Wide Visual Range

The main function of large outdoor LED display screen is to make advertising and image publicity, therefore, to keep more target audiences watching the display picture is the primary goal. To adopt big visual angle design is to make the most of covering range.

4. High Protection Standard

As the LED display screen is used in outdoor, the outdoor climate environment should also be considered. Usually, the protection standard of large outdoor LED display boards should be IP65-IP68, so that it can accommodate to all kinds of outdoor harsh environment situations, to keep the display screen have strong weather durability, long time to utilize, to keep clients get the biggest benefit.

Large outdoor LED display boards have become very popular way for advertising broadcast. Nowadays, there are many big buildings established in cities, there are many blank areas in the outside surface of building, these areas have a lot of advertising value, especially for shopping mall center. Moreover, the large outdoor LED display boards can be easily jointed without gap, to combine LED display boards and outside surface of building can create huge advertising value, and it also can attract target audiences’ sight. The advertising way is also more efficient than traditional advertising board.

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