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Exhibition Trailers‎ For Hire

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We provide our clients the Mobile Signage Solutions that are the latest mobile LED screens that are capable of high resolution displays of pictures, text, and videos. These carry the latest state of art features that are unrivaled and uncontested.

“Did you know that 81% of drivers will take notice of a billboard, or key arterials sign as they drive past your business.”

Exhibition trailers‎ has been around for a while, roadside exhibition trailers using large LED’s for road directions, speed indication etc have been used as relocatable sign boards. Traditionally these have been single color or three color LED signs. They had to be run by a generator or worse plugged into electricity so extension cords running everywhere not only being a trip hazard but also looking very untidy.

Here we have been able to supply our clients with a fully self sufficient solar powered Digital Mobile LED Screen that is capable of running from 12-16 hrs a day, 7 days a week with no need to plug into electricity.

This means we can adapt to any location, we can provide the service your require for your function, sale, promotion, whatever the need it may be, and we can do it with no trip hazards, no untidy extension cords running to the power point, no loud generators.

All out exhibition trailers are fully insured, are delivered to your destination free of charge. Within 10 minutes of us arriving, the screens are ready to display your content that we have created for your event, promotion, sale, or branding.

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