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What are the Advantages of LED vehicle?

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LED vehicle technology is still in its infancy but is perfect for the direction the automotive industry is going in. Efficiency is key with every new model released, and LED vehicles help in that mission. Since LED vehicles don’t require a great amount of electricity to illuminate, manufacturers prefer using this technology because the alternator does not need to work as hard to power them.


Maintenance of LED vehicles won’t be as often as its halogen counterparts. LED vehicle bulbs have a lifespan of 15,000 hours compared to the 1,000 hours halogen headlights have. This translates to 11-22 years of operation before needing to replace them. These headlight bulbs are manufactured with higher grade material in order to achieve the illumination required for automotive use. Failures with LED vehicles occur less often when compared to halogen or HID (High-intensity discharge lamps) headlights.


If your car did not come with LED vehicles as standard, you can convert them with a purchase of a headlight kit. This gives you the advantage of LED vehicles without needing to purchase ballasts or modifying the electrical system of your vehicle. There are LED vehicle kits which are “direct plug-in” replacements. This means it can be directly fitted in place of your halogen headlight bulb. Installing this headlight replacement yourself is simple and may not even need the help of a mechanic, depending on your DIY skills.

Before purchasing any headlight modification or upgrade, consult your state laws to make sure that vehicle complies with the specific color and type of headlights. LED technology is getting cheaper to manufacture which means its is now cheaper to purchase LED vehicles for your car. Typically, it will cost $125-$1000 for aftermarket LED vehicle kits. Illumination of LED vehicles aren’t just beneficial for the driver but also for the vehicles around. The light beam of an LED vehicle is not as blinding as the HID or halogen. Being the more efficient and longer lasting solution, LED vehicles are a great upgrade for any car.

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