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What Is a Mobile Advertising Truck and How to Become One

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What Are Mobile Advertising Truck Jobs?

As a mobile advertising truck, your responsibilities are to drive a vehicle on a specific route to advertise a company, promote a product, or fulfill another marketing purpose. Companies or marketing agencies hire mobile advertising truck drivers to drive vehicles with advertising, usually in the form of vinyl wrappings, stickers, or large boards you carry on a car, truck, or bike, for mobile promotion. You have a set number of hours and a route to follow each week or month to carry out your duties for the company. These can be either employment or contract positions, and in some cases, you can do this job while working another position, such as food delivery or rideshare.

How to Get a Mobile Advertising Truck Job

Mobile advertising truck driver qualifications include a clean driving record, excellent driving skills, a valid driver’s license, and the physical ability to drive long distances. Some positions require you to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) if you use a truck for mobile advertising. You also need several years of driving experience, especially on highways and in busy areas. These positions are more prevalent in large cities than in small towns. You can find mobile advertising truck driving jobs directly through companies who invest in this type of marketing or through marketing agencies. You work on a contract basis and typically use your own vehicle.
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