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LED Display Bus Introduction

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The current advertising industry competition is fierce.Wireless LED display bus full color LED advertising screen is characterized by immediacy and practicality, it is the ideal short-term dissemination of advertising media, as a new advertising media publishing platform for many advertising companies to provide a new choice. Full-color LED electronic display installed in the LED display bus, bringing new profits for the advertising companies, LED display bus companies, but also to enhance the city’s image. 

LED display bus led display & truck led display are strong penetration media in outdoor advertising, according to the China market and media research survey data show that in 2011, in China’s major cities, at least 75% of the people have seen car advertising. Car media unique comprehensive advantages include liquidity, exposure times, long release cycles, low advertising budgets, strong visual impact, will become popular in the advertising industry in the new century. 

Our company timely follows the market development, and production of integrated wireless LED control card products, combined with specially developed wireless LED information release system with supporting the use of (WIPS) platform software for single color, dual color, full color led screen to achieve a unified platform, unified information release, unified management, simplifying the user’s actions, promoted the overall performance/cost ratio and bring tangible market benefits to our customers. 
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