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Truck Mounted Screen Made with Energy-Saving P10 Modules

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1.Lower power consumption,only need 3.8V and 7.65W for single module,the average power consumption is only 100W/sq.m and 300W/sq.m for max power consumption for truck mounted screen,that is to say, a panel of 960x960mm only need two power supply.

2.DIP led encapsulation confirm high brightness and good heat dissipation,meet to any weather.

3.Good waterproof IP65 anti-corrosion,antifogging,long life span>100000Hours.

4.Made with high quality Epistar leds keep high quality, low lighting decay, energy saving.

5. Brightness can be adjusted automatically according to different surrondings,can be set to open and close the truck mounted screen on fixed automatically.

6. Can be fixed on the wall, on the street, on top of building,or be hung for rental to meet the request of live broadcast, live meeting, banquet, party, etc, to display the content what you want, by video, graphics, antimation etc, connect with PC computer or network, also can remoto control with asynchronous system,like USB,wifi,3G/4G.

7.Cabinet material can be choosed with aluminum or iron, and size can be customized according different projects.

8.Widely used for truck mounted screen and rental led video wall to save energy and lighter weight.
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