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Mobile LED Vehicles For presenting products

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Mobile LED vehicles have become the new, and increasingly more popular way to promote your organisation, showcase your products or provide services direct to clients.

Multi Vehicle Technology 3500 kgs chassis cab builds and van conversions are the most cost effective way to operate your own roadshow, attend events and provide you with the flexibility of use that you could only dream of. Easily operated by one person we can build in a wide range of features which will be specifically included to your requirements.

Your mobile LED vehicle can be used at all outdoor events and even indoors too. Our mobile LED vehicles are bespoke built for you, and not mass produced. So unlike others ours stand out and reflect your company image and standing.

We also like to take the time and opportunity to explore all of the opportunities our mobile LED vehicles can create for you, so for example, if not on promotional activity the interior can be transformed into other uses including staff or client training facilities, a regional mobile meeting room or recruiting office and many more.

We have two ranges of mobile LED vehicle:

Those up to 3500 kgs can be driven on almost all standard driving licences without need for tachograph or CPC training and are thus the most popular.

Over 3500 kgs our clients generally choose from our range of 4000, 5000 or 6,000 kgs models, although we can, and do, build over 7500 kgs where the need arises.
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