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"The rural Taobao second home appliance festival" hand in hand Jingchuan

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“The Rural Taobao 2nd Home Appliances Festival” activity is mainly the display of smart home appliances to the countryside. On the one hand, villagers can experience the most cutting-edge technology products and catch up with fashion trends; on the other hand, it is also for the upcoming Taobao 618 appliance promotion. heat.

Following the “Ali New Year Festival - Huimin Caravans to the Countryside”, Jingchuan led display truck became the designated supplier of Alibaba Rural Taobao Caravan once again and led a variety of smart home appliances into the village, giving the villagers unprecedented possibilities. "Black technology" experience!

At various local events, the villagers sang and danced. They used their unique methods to welcome the arrival of rural Taobao home appliances to the countryside. According to the scene’s staff description, the villagers responded enthusiastically to the black technology caravans. These internet artifacts also allowed them to Life has brought a lot of convenience and has undergone earth-shaking changes.

According to statistics, Fan Weijun, the chief person in charge of the Taobao 618 Home Appliances Festival in rural areas, has risen steadily in rural areas, saying that rural areas are not in need, but that they need services. They will be displayed in caravans through the caravans, and partners will provide services in rural Taobao. Stations to display samples to solve the needs of the villagers experience. "When the Internet comes, rural areas will skip the PC era and go directly to the wireless era. Perhaps the experience and services of rural Taobao will make rural areas enter the era of smart appliances faster than they think."

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