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Advertising LED Display Trailer

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Advertising LED Display Trailer with the high reliablility for outdoor led billboard,it is waterproof,high good quality,long viewing distance to show the videos for outdoor events. it use the Virtual Pixel technology for four times resolution.

1.Our led screen can be installed in different climate area all over the world. Low temperature as -20 Degree and high temperature as +60 Degree without AC for coolling, So as to save the cost of AC and power.
2.Newest LEDs are applied to the LED screen,Outdoor LED display brightness is ≥8,000 cd/m2, and its horizontal viewing angle is still ≥140°; Vertical viewing angle is still ≥70° .
3.With UNIT Intelligent Environment Controller , we can realize LED Displays brightness automatically adjustment based on the environment.
4.The display solution supply remote control system &Monitor & Diagnostic System, which save much more maintenance cost 20% lower power consumption design saves much more Power cost. Outdoor LED advertising Display control system is with double-backup system,we can provide you the realible quality Advertising LED Display.
5.Cutting-edge pixel by pixel technology is applied in our Adverting LED display, so that the whole LED Screen achieves the best color and brightness consistence. Even after years of aging, if some modules need to be replaced, the new ones can be easily calibrated.
6.Visual pixel technology is applied to the LED Display, which can realize four times of resolution with the same quantity of LED lamps.
7.Except for installation frames, we supply all set of LED display system include control system,power supply, software,accessories, installation construction drawings and other services.
8.Standard Cabinet Design.The same cabinet size fit for different pixel pitch,to save much installation design cost and installation frame production cost.

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