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How to identify removable LED screen is good or bad

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For LED advertising vehicles, large mobile LED screen advertising is the core of the car, all the ads are expressed through the screen, so the screen effect of a direct decision of the effectiveness of advertising, which can be large Mobile LED screen quality is particularly important, so for the user, how to display the quality of the quality of it?
At present, most of the LED advertising vehicles on the market are P10 outdoor screen, so how do we distinguish? Here to teach you some simple and practical method.
1, brightness:
Outdoor screen brightness 2500cd / m2 above, to be able to guarantee its normal work, or brightness is too low, outdoor direct sunlight and can not see the displayed image completely lost advertising effect.
2, white balance:
Play pure white, then a simplest and most direct way, because the full-color screen, will cover up many of the shortcomings of the display, but playing a pure white case, all kinds of defects will reveal the prototype. Playing pure white, a good display should be as white as a white flawless. The quality of white balance is mainly determined by the display control system, the die also has an impact on the color reproduction.
3, refresh rate:
Use the camera to take a picture or video on the screen to see if there is a splash screen or a striped picture. A good display can achieve the same refresh rate as the camera because of its high refresh rate, so the picture quality Will be very high, but the general screen due to the refresh rate is far behind, so according to the appearance of the image stripes will be appalling, the screen filled with ripple.
4, the flatness of the screen:
The quality of the flatness is determined by the material of the production process, and the subsequent installation process level also has a direct impact on the flatness.
5, car screen unpacking test:
Automotive display fixed, material selection, design, packaging, small to subtle design standards are much higher than the normal display, to the factory inspection customers, you can test out of the box, from solid crystal, Glue, line design and some small Details of the place.
For advertising vehicles, the quality of the display screen has a direct impact on the effectiveness of advertising, so the majority of users in the choice, we must pay attention to choose a good display advertising car, so as to be able to guarantee the effectiveness of publicity.

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