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Jingchuan advertising car help "Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon"

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On April 24, 2016 China Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon (hereinafter referred to as "Yang Ma") started its firing campaign in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. As the IAAF Half Marathon gold standard event, there are about 35,000 athletes from 42 countries and regions in the world participating in this marathon. A total of 34 athletes have won international gold medals. After a fierce battle, Ethiopian athlete Beyog won the men's team title in 1 hour and 43 seconds, while Kenya's Perez Jeppchech broke the tournament record and won the women's team title in 1 hour, 7 minutes and 21 seconds.

The starting point of the competition is located in the Marathon Park along Wenchang Road, Taizhou Road, Wanfu West Road, Pingshan Hall East Road, Yangtze River North Road, etc., the end located in Yangzhou Sports Park. Along the way, the contestants passionate run, through the CCTV aerial camera, Yangzhou beauty sweeping glance. After a spring night, Yang City is more poetic and picturesque, Marco Polo flowers world show Yangzhou "charm of spring", the Grand Canal, Pingshan Hall, Slender West Lake, Geyuan, Dongguan Street and other historical relics highlight Yangzhou cultural heritage, and Song folder City, Shugang and other sports and leisure parks let everyone feel the construction of Yangzhou City Park System "strong pulse." The whole line is like passing through the millennium of time and space, and perfectly interprets the combination of Yangzhou ancient culture and modern civilization, and expounds the "beauty of romance" of fireworks in March in Yangzhou.

In the "Yang Ma" scene and exciting events as eye-catching is the great outdoor mobile LED billboard provided by our company. This event, our LED live car at the track terminal, just a simple operation, lit outdoor large screen, the end of the audience can clearly see the first live broadcast of the game; and live Convenient car movement, will not affect the traffic of the track, the most suitable for such large-scale competition crowd gathered a large number of activities.

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