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In fact, there is not much difference between the chassis of a large-scale LED advertising trailer and the chassis of an ordinary car, but there are subtle differences in some configurations. However, these basic knowledge is that the advertising car users must understand that Let's give a detailed introduction.
First of all, to introduce the basic components and knowledge of the LED advertising car chassis part:
1, LED advertising film diaphragm gas pump is how to work?
LED advertising car sucking oil: when the cam is rotating, the top of the eccentric pump moves the oil arm. Pull down the pump membrane, the spring is compressed, then the volume above the pump membrane increases, reducing the pressure, resulting suction, the valve is closed, the fuel from the fuel tank into the fuel filter into the pump chamber.
Oil delivery: The cam continues to rotate. After the eccentric wheel rotates, the oil rocker spring is pushed back and the membrane spring pushes the pump membrane upward. The gasoline in the pump chamber is sent from the oil flash to the carburetor float chamber.
2, LED mobile advertising drive train which consists of the main components? What does it do?
LED advertising drivetrain the main clutch, transmission, drive shaft, reducer, differential, axle and other components. The role of transmission: Sprinkler engine power output to the drive wheel, drive the car.
3, LED mobile advertising car clutch what is the role?
LED advertising car clutch is the role of the sprinkler engine power and transmission smoothly combined or temporarily separated in order to facilitate the driver's car start, stop, shift and other operations.
4, the role of gearbox is what?
Suitable for driving resistance changes, change the drive wheel torque and speed. Make the car go forward or backwards. Neutral, the interruption of power transmission, the sprinkler engine operation and vehicle movement phase separation.
In addition, LED mobile advertising car handbrake maintenance issues can not be ignored: LED mobile advertising car handbrake maintenance norms.
First of all, to determine the LED mobile advertising handbrake handle the working position. Should first find out this work point, this work point can be determined by the ratchet sound, usually between 5 to 7 grid is the normal position.
Then check the performance of the handbrake mechanism, which is to see if the handbrake can work effectively.
Check the sensitivity of the handbrake, which is very important to the slope. LED mobile advertising vehicles in the slow slow driving on the road, slowly pulling the handbrake handle, feel the handle sensitivity and joints. If you find the handbrake brake performance or sensitivity is not ideal, you can adjust the handbrake cable to solve.
Good care of LED mobile advertising vehicles, not only can extend the service life of vehicles, but also allow vehicles to work better to achieve the effect of advertising.

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