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Electronic screen advertising vehicle makes advertising more exciting

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The high mobility of electronic screen advertising vehicles is one of the most concerned consumers in all outdoor media. Electronic screen advertising vehicles are typical capital and resource intensive industries. Mainstream companies in the market often rely on the power of outdoor advertising to achieve rapid expansion through publicity. The purpose of advertising information, thus forming an appeal to the audience.
One of the tantalizing features of electronic screen advertising vehicles is their high degree of mobility, which allows them to chase people with ads, and where people go. Electronic screen advertising vehicle allows you to completely get rid of mediocre advertising!
The display screen of an electronic screen advertising vehicle is a set of high-tech products that are engineered and systematized. With its high brightness, good image effect, diverse display contents, rich display modes, low failures, low energy consumption, long service life, and high performance-to-price ratio, it is widely used in various industries as a new generation of display media.
The electronic screen of the advertisement vehicle uses a computer as a processing center, and the display content of the screen is synchronized with the content of the studio screen of the computer screen in real time. Due to the advanced multimedia technology and corresponding control software, the system can completely complete the specified playback process; it can access information, such as information distribution files and video images at specified locations.
There are four main advantages of the electronic screen advertising car that Shanghai Seaview wants to create:
First, special software, for different industry information, display program editing, management and playback of full support, the entire system design is open, modular structure.
Second, the international advanced level of LED display manufacturing technology and rich engineering experience. High quality LED display and simple communication interface.
Third, in the real-time information release system, the control computer is taken as the core to achieve real-time synchronous display of information.
Fourth, to the display screen customers can provide more meticulous and thoughtful service, according to the particularity of the display screen project, provide 24-hour "transmission service", "surcharge service" for major activities, system upgrade service, regular maintenance service, Free training services.
The advertising industry has never lacked creativity and novelty, and the advent of electronic screen advertising vehicles has attracted the attention of many people. It has replaced all media and become the primary choice for the majority of users. We can come to a detailed understanding of this. Electronic Mobile Advertising truck.

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