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Led advertising truck radiator should pay special attention

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In the 21st century, the competition between industries has become very intense, so many businesses will adopt advertising claims in order to boost the sales of products. However, there are many methods for advertising claims. Among them, the most popular among merchants is led advertising. car.

Most businesses do not fully understand the various maintenance methods of this vehicle, so there are many problems in the use of the process. Here are some of the points to care for what led advertising radiators?

1. The radiator in the LED advertising car is not likely to come into contact with any goods with acid, alkali or rotten qualities.

2. It is recommended that some soft and hard water be used in the later stage of softening treatment of the radiator, so it is not necessary to prevent the inside of the radiator of the vehicle from being blocked or to produce scale.

3. When the vehicle radiator uses anti-freeze liquid, in order to avoid the situation where the radiator appears to be rotten, please use the antifreeze produced by a professional manufacturer even if it meets the requirements of the national standards for linkage.

4. In the installation of LED advertising vehicle radiator process, remember not to invade the cooling belt, also need to be careful not to bump the vehicle radiator, this point in the LED advertising radiator radiator wing method which need to be careful to take precautions, in view of the cooling belt In order to completely ensure the cooling of the led advertising car Wencai.

5. During radiator refilling and refilling, it is necessary to turn on the dehydration switch of the engine block in the vehicle to wait until the water flows out, and then turn off the switch. This would be effective in order to prevent the process of integration. Produce blisters.

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