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The Benefits of Having a Mobile LED Screen

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Easy to transport            

A trailer LED screen is literally just that – an outdoor LED screen mounted on the back of a trailer. Rather than having to build an LED screen on-site for an event, the trailer LED screen allows you to simply hitch it on the back of a vehicle and drive it to the event location. These mobile LED screens vary in size from one provider to the next and can be mounted on trailers and vehicles of all sizes. Being easy to transport, trailer screens make it very easy to deliver and set up the screen for your event, saving you time and money in labour charges.

Versatile and Durable

Being mounted on a trailer, you would hope that the LED screen is durable to withstand all the bumps and bends of the roads during transit- well, they are! They are designed to withstand reasonable impact both during transportation and whilst operational, making them durable and quite robust. As such, the trailer LED screen is ideal for hosting outdoor events in a variety of locations, including school ovals, car parks, piazzas, foreshores, public parks, and more. Being on a trailer, you can even have the screen in one location at the start of an event, such as the start line for a fun run, and move it to another location, such as the finish line, after a few hours.

Operational in Full Sunlight or in Rain

Trailer LED screens are outdoor rated, meaning they can withstand a substantial amount of impact from the elements. A quality mobile LED screen should be glare-resistant so you can still see the images on the screen clearly and brightly, even when in full sunlight. Being so versatile, these screens are ideal for numerous outdoors events and can be used year round, come sun or rain. When you look to hire a screen, make sure you choose a qualified and reputable provider whose screens are properly IP-rated (outdoor-rated) so you can ensure your event can go ahead without a hitch.

More Engagement

Outdoor digital displays generate huge amounts of interest. Whether it’s broadcasting a live sports event or displaying a live camera feed from a special ceremony, mobile LED screens have a huge impact on guests – they can have an experience that they couldn’t have elsewhere.  Being big and bright, they draw a lot of attention which also makes them ideal for use as social media walls. Displaying twitter feeds and live updates from other social media platforms, they generate huge engagement from guests who can tweet about the event using event-specific hashtags – which is great PR.

Income Potential

Big and bright, LED screens have incredible visibility and easily attract attention from guests and passers-by. A trailer LED screen at an event can project live video feeds, television commercials, branded videos, corporate messaging, sponsor logos and more. The screen can be positioned in locations that cannot easily accommodate other visual options and advertising mediums, making them incredibly attractive for advertisers and sponsors alike. The cost for hiring a mobile LED screen can be easily outweighed by potential advertising revenue and the value of customer engagement.


The trailer LED screen is time-efficient, cost-effective and can have a positive, lasting impression on your guests which is why it is such an attractive option for event organisers. If you are looking to hire a trailer LED screen for your next outdoor event, make sure you choose your provider wisely. The benefits of having a such a screen at your event are only as value-adding as the quality of the screen itself. Although two LED screens might look the same and have the same specifications, the actual quality of the image, colour reproduction and viewing experience can be drastically different. Make sure you do your research when hiring a mobile LED screen, a good quality screen can add incredible value to your event – and your company.

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