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Future Trend of LED Display Boards

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In the past three years, the supply and sales of small pixel pitch LED display boards have maintained an annual compound growth rate of over 80%. This level of growth not only ranks among the top technologies in today's large-screen industry, but also at the high growth rate of the large-screen industry. The rapid market growth shows the great vitality of small pixel pitch LED display boards technology.

COB is an abbreviation of English ChipsonBoard. The earliest technology originated in the 1960s. It is an "electrical design" that aims to simplify the package structure of ultra-fine electronic components and improve the stability of the final product. Simply speaking, the structure of the COB package is that the original, bare chip or electronic component is directly soldered on the circuit board and covered with a special resin.

In LED applications, the COB package is mainly used in high-power lighting systems and small pixel pitch LED display boards. The former considers the cooling advantages brought by COB technology, while the latter not only makes full use of the stability advantages of COB in product cooling, but also achieves uniqueness in a series of “performance effects”.

The benefits of COB encapsulation on small pixel pitch LED display boards include: 1. Provide a better cooling platform. Because the COB package is a particle crystal directly in close contact with the PCB board, it can make full use of the "substrate area" to achieve heat conduction and heat dissipation. The heat dissipation level is the core factor that determines the stability, point defect rate and service life of small pixel pitch LED display boards. A better heat dissipation structure naturally means better overall stability.

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