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Outdoor mobile led screen

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Mobile LED display trailer is a creative LED display which can be applied in many indoor and outdoor activities. Many customers are very interested in this product, but they don’t have a complete concept of its application scope. Would you want make more money with the led billboard trailer?

Through the following successful applications, you will learn how to use and make more money with portable LED sign trailer.

Outdoor concert

Mobile digital billboard trailer is your best partner for holding outdoor concerts in your city. Our customers have applied two 5m by 3m trailer LED billboard in an Australia outdoor concerts. The result is amazing. These two trailers has played a very good visual effect.

You can use the LED signs on trailers as the main stage background in music festivals and concerts. What’s more, you can locate trailers on both sides of the stage. The audience will have a better visual experience, and the trailer will create more charming atmosphere.

Your LED display can provide warm-up video before the concert starts. Audience will mot feel bored while waiting for the concert begins. More importantly, the mobile LED billboard display can do live broadcast and expand the visual space of concert performance. This can make your activities more high-end, rich in visual and artistic elements. You will hold a successful outdoor stage performances, concerts and music festivals.

We suggest that you reasonably set the rental price of the mobile digital billboard trailer. You will become a long-term partner of many outdoor small and medium size concerts, and you will have loyal customers in the city.

Brand promotion

Brand promotion is one of the important sources of income for your mobile LED screen trailer. You can use it to serve food and beverage, telecommunication, bank insurance, hotel, health care, education, sports and other enterprises and brands.

mobile led video screens can help brands or enterprises to find right marketing methods in the competitive business environment and build the link between consumers and brands. As long as you put the trailer near to the potential customers, the mobile LED screen trailer can attract consumers’ attention with attractive texts, animation and product ads videos.

The trailer mounted led screen in public places can give people a more profound brand impression than Internet ads video. Mobile LED screen trailer has been proved to be one of the most perfect solution for product marketing. 

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