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Advertise with mobile LED billboards

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Mobile LED billboards are the solution when your story is trapped in the digital universe, with little or no impact in the real world. Or, conversely, your business has yet to leave its mark in the online community. So what do you do?   The answer is mobile LED billboards.

The innovative network of mobile advertising trucks, that take your brand and message to multiple places at the same time, covering all states in the Continental United States, Brazil, and major international countries, with dynamic and multimedia content, while engaging consumers in your digital channels, through our mobile LED billboard.

Our fleet of brand new high resolution mobile advertising trucks in the United States and major international cities, will help you create fast campaigns that go live in minutes in multiple cities, and move wherever you need to show a message, in image, video, HTML, flash, live feed, or any combination, using 4 screens per mobile advertising truck.

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