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Exhibition Truck for Event Marketing Solutions

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Our sophisticated, completely self contained exhibition trucks and exhibition trailers come in a wide variety of sizes, weights and formats. This exhibition truck is one from a large fleet comprising trucks and expanding trailers we’ve produced over the years for Event Marketing Solutions (EMS).

This exhibition truck features two full length expanding side pods – one solid, one glazed – which when utilised extend the interior footprint of the exhibition area to almost 22 sq m of floor space. This exhibition truck also features an automated canopy which provides protection for a glazed entrance way at the rear. All expanding features on this trucks are electro-hydraulic controlled. This means that just a single trained person can quickly have exhibition truck up and running within approximately twenty minutes of arrival on site.

Depending on the specific exhibition requirements of the end user, the trucks can be internally configured in various layouts, making this a very flexible mobile exhibition platform. The interior can be outfitted in a wide variety of ways through the application of suspended ceilings, carpet or vinyl floor covering, and if necessary false walls. Electrical and communication-based applications are easily incorporated thanks to the provision of data cabling, internet connectivity and roof mounted satellite dish. For audio visual application enhanced sound suppression enclosures can be integrated. exhibition trucks include on-board power generators and air conditioning. Power output typically ranges from 5kva to 12 kva.

These type of exhibition trucks can be built on exhibition trucks with a gross weight as little as 7500kg, depending on the purpose they serve, though are more commonly adapted for 10,000kg and 12,000kg chassis’ especially if a larger power generator is required.

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