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Mobile LED Vehicle Advantages and Classification

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Mobile LED vehicles are suitable for various forms of medium and large brand promotion. The interior of the mobile LED vehicle can be added with an expansion compartment as a product display and experience area. Customers can decorate the display theme according to their own brands and ideas, and add appropriate facilities to improve the comfort of customer experience.

Also can choose according to need generator, LED screen, and sound and other special advertising equipment, let your brand everywhere.

Mobile LED vehicles are mainly divided into three categories

Mobile display semi-trailer 

This type of mobile LED vehicle can be made according to customer needs to choose the different structure of the car, such as the double-deck display car, the shell can be hydraulic overall lifting, the middle of the side plate can be equipped with LED display screen.

Mobile display trailer

The display trailer is towed by pickup truck SUV, which makes the transition more flexible and convenient.

Suitable for brand display and small goods on site promotion and small gatherings.

Mobile display trucks

The trucks are powered and easy to move, with sizes ranging from 4.2 meters to 9.6 meters.

Structure: 1. The front is VIP room, the rear is lifting screen + stage + unilateral expansion (usually semi-trailer); 2. The front is the VIP room, the whole side lifting +LED display + stage, the other side is the expansion box body; 3. Enlargement of the whole side, and the other side is the whole lift +LED display + stage.

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