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What are digital or LED billboard bus?

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Digital billboards or LED structures are made up of Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Diodes resemble tiny Christmas lights that are perfectly aligned on a grid. Those grids are arranged in straight lines across a billboard face. Thousands of diodes make up the clever, current and dynamic messages on today’s LED billboard bus. LEDs offer near-TV quality, color and resolution, which in turn guarantees advertisers will gain the attention of consumers.

Other Outdoor Advertising Categories

We provide access to large format and high impact digital billboards and large format static or vinyl billboards. We do help advertisers with other forms of outdoor advertising products locally including: transit advertising, digital screens, mobile billboard, bus and bus stop advertising, subway advertising, street furniture advertising, digital play space, and wallscapes.

LED Billboards Bu Are Evolving

With the public’s attention span growing shorter, digital advertisements on LEDs allow businesses to target specific demographics with short, catchy messages. LED billboard bus have been traditionally known as a standard out-of-home message displayed on a structure regarding information on a product or service. Today’s LED billboard bus are transforming into digital canvases across the world.

The 21st century has marked a new era for advertising. The future of television, radio and print is unclear but out-of-home messaging continues to increase in shopping malls, busy interstates and sports arenas.

Digital Billboards are social media ready and work for online advertising companies! Adding out-of-home (OOH) and digital billboard advertising to your media mix extends reach, generates buzz and definitely adds impact to digital campaigns.

When OOH is added to a media plan, it can increase the reach of an overall campaign by 18% for TV campaigns, 45% for radio campaigns, 68% for web campaigns, 212% for social campaigns, and 316% for mobile apps, according to a Touchpoint USA billboard study. Integrating social media or mobile campaigns with LED billboard bus can help create a circle of communication, encouraging both the customer and business to build a stronger and more engaging relationship. Click for examples of how advertisers are using social media and LED billboard bus to promote their products and brands.

Outdoor advertising is the most cost effective media. LED billboard bus costs less than radio, TV, or print on a CPM basis for every 1,000 potential customers that see your ad.
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