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LED stage truck winter driving antifreeze guide

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LED stage truck anti-freezing guide for winter driving performance. In winter, mobile stage car drivers are more likely to be trapped by bad weather. Make sure there is enough life-saving supplies on the truck, including: extra blankets, first aid kits, flashlights and spare batteries, canned food and bottled water, gloves, scarves, bowlers, snow boots, snow shovels, radios, extra coolant, Cleaning fluid, engine oil, spare fuel filter and fuel filter wrench, tire chain.

      The best time to check the battery life and condition of your LED stage truck is before the winter. Temperatures below minus temperature can quickly drain battery life. If the battery is approaching a typical 48-72 month life, it is best to replace it. If not, check the battery to ensure it is securely installed, tighten and clean all connections. Perform a load test and check the alternator and starter. Inspect the wires for any damage or wear and make sure there are no loose or exposed wires.

 Check to make sure the fuel filter is in good condition and replace it if necessary. To reduce the risk of the stage car damaging the engine, monitor the oil-water separator daily. Water is a common pollutant in diesel and will shorten the life of the engine. If a large amount of water has been collected, it should be drained.

      Most separators are not self-cleaning, so you need to place the separator near the fuel filter and then turn the drain valve to drain the water. This is especially important in winter, as condensate forms inside the fuel tank of a warm mobile stage vehicle as the outside temperature decreases.

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