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Mobile Stage Truck needs attention before each fire

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Mobile Stage Truck do not pay attention to these before each time there will be a lot of trouble. The mobile stage car engine is equivalent to the heart of the human body. Once the engine has a problem, it will make the vehicle difficult to walk on a flat road. How does the master remind the drivers and friends.

1. Before driving the mobile stage vehicle, you must check whether there is oil or water on the ground below the engine. If there is oil or water on the ground, it must be the place where the engine is leaking, and it must be repaired in time.

2. Pull the oil dipstick to check the amount of oil. This is what the driver of the stage car must do every day.

3, check whether the liquid level of the small stage tank coolant of the mobile stage car is normal. If the engine is severely deficient in water, then the high temperature will cause serious "sticky cylinder" consequences. And it is time consuming and expensive to repair the car.

4. Pay attention to the abnormal sound of the engine during driving. If abnormal noise is heard, stop and check immediately to find out the cause of the fault.

5. When the red light on the instrument panel engine lights up, it means that there is a fault in the component link. The stage car must be stopped and inspected.

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