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Function description of stage car

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The stage car is a perfect combination of LED display and stage car. According to the style of the stage car, it can be divided into two types: built-in LED screen and external LED screen. Both use LED display as the main dynamic scene of the stage to enhance the lighting effect of the show.

Stage cars include caravans, caravans, caravans, small caravans, stage performance cars, performance cars, color screen stage cars, performance stage cars, LED stage cars, large screen stage cars, merchandise exhibition sales cars, stage performance cars, etc., each The geographical expressions are different, and they are generally used for red and white celebrations, merchandise displays, drama performances, drama performances, commercial performances, company celebrations, and large-scale events. It is a special car that is convenient for mobile performance and can be developed into a stage.

The stage car mainly includes two parts: the chassis and the upper body. The upper body part is composed of the top plate, the side plate and the bottom plate, and the side plate and the top plate are respectively controlled by four hydraulic cylinders to expand to form the stage top. The bottom plate is expanded to four hydraulic cylinders to control the stage, saving Go to the traditional platforming procedure, saving time and effort. The operation is simple, safe and reliable, with complete functions and beautiful appearance.

Stage car is a brand-new communication carrier, a professional mobile stage, and an effective marketing form. It combines simplicity, mobility, intuitiveness and practicality.

The stage car with built-in LED display is generally a double-exhibition mobile stage car. After the top of the stage is raised, the LED screen can be raised and lowered. The front of the LED screen is the stage countertop and the back can be used as the stage backstage for actors to change their makeup.

First of all, the mobility of the stage car determines that as long as it can be reached, there is a place for it to "dance", and a modern stage can be launched in ten minutes. Lights, sounds, curtains, etc. are readily available. In addition to the "deduction" role of the stage itself, temporary venues for product display, merchant promotions, etc. can also be held.

Second, don't think that the stage car can only be used to "dance" when it is stopped. It is also a walking "dancer". The walking stage car replaces the role of a publicity car.

In many mobile media, stage cars have become an indispensable part, and they have undertaken the role of propaganda for many enterprises and units.

Stage car configuration and function description:
Stage car is developed by mechanical devices and built into a performance stage with a ceiling and stage boards, and is equipped with special devices for installing stage lights, sounds, etc., and special van vehicles such as power supply interfaces.
Stage ceiling: A structural device used to hang lamps and scenery above the stage and block wind, rain and sunlight.
Roof panel: The roof panel of the car body, which is used as a fixed part of the stage roof after being raised.
Side car panel: The side panel of the car body is unfolded or raised as an integral part of the stage.
Stage: It is composed of brackets, wooden keels and wooden floors, suitable for performances; divided into fixed stage boards and movable stage boards.
Legs: the support mechanism installed on the vehicle frame or sub-frame. It is used to support the stage car body during the performance, and has formed a stable basic stage plane device without sinking, shaking, and stability.
Stage platform slide: the slide that cooperates with the expansion and contraction of the active stage platform.
Stage platform support rod: a mechanical device used to support movable stage platform, capable of adjusting height.
Light pole: a special structure for hanging lamps on the ceiling
Scenery rod: It is arranged on the ceiling and is used to hang special structures such as scene sets for performances
Electrical control box: a control box used to place the power distribution equipment and dimming equipment required for the performance.
Stage entrance: near the audience side, the rectangular area between the upper surface of the stage platform and the lower surface of the ceiling.
Stage clear height: the distance between the upper surface of the stage platform and the lowest point of the ceiling.
Lifting guide frame: A frame structure that is fixedly connected with the frame or the sub-frame to prevent the ceiling from tilting during the vertical lifting process. It is a frame structure that stabilizes the vehicle and the stage during driving and performance.
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