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Analysis of the advantages of led advertising vehicles!

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LED advertising vehicles are not restricted by venue, time, space, dynamic sound, smooth picture, integrate entertainment, publicity, leisure, advertising functions as a whole, strong mobility, wide audience, various strolling, walking and stopping The road section brings seamless communication benefits, allowing consumers to inadvertently accept strong brand publicity activities.

Led publicity car has beautiful appearance, unique shape and clear picture, which can attract the audience's sight to the greatest extent and create huge benefits for the company.

Led publicity vehicle is a companion product after the rise of LED industry. It is a new type of communication medium that integrates cars with large LED display screens in a three-dimensional video animation form with rich and diverse content, real-time display of graphic information, and mobile advertising. Generally used for product promotion, brand promotion, talent show, sales on-site display, sports events, concerts, concerts, etc. It can carry out on-site display, communication and interaction, and has a wide range of publicity, which can effectively obtain the maximum advertising communication effect.

The advantages of led publicity vehicles are as follows:

1. The LED display backgrounds and curtains used in traditional events need time to build, disassemble and assemble. The led publicity vehicle does not need to be built, it is convenient and fast, so it is not limited by time and space; it can be stopped and feasible, and it can freely choose a mobile or fixed advertising audience; lift and rotate, and freely position the outdoor video publishing angle and height. Follow the target consumers locked by the enterprise, reach zero distance, and deliver fast news through the audience.

Second, get rid of the constraints of the geographical environment and the restrictions of the urban area, according to the needs of customers can travel around the fixed line and non-fixed lines throughout the day, with strong mobility and wide audience characteristics. At the same time, it is extremely humane to conform to the public's behavior habits and appreciation standards, bringing seamless communication benefits in various sections of the crowd's wandering, walking and stopping, so that consumers have inadvertently accepted strong brand publicity activities.

3. Combining leisure, entertainment and advertising, the appearance is beautiful, the shape is chic and the picture is clear, which can attract the audience's attention to the greatest extent and create huge benefits for the company. With its high-reaching communication advantages, it has greatly promoted the invisible recognition of products and brands by advertising audiences, and strengthened the urban public's high attention to merchant products and corporate brands.

Fourth, unique shape, urban landscape show: colorful, glorious pictures are dazzling, and its unique exquisite shape has become a scenic highlight in the city and the area, effectively attracting the attention of the public. In this area of Shanwei, which admires leisure and entertainment and enjoys fashionable life, it will surely detonate the hurricane of outdoor video advertising, bringing unexpected promotional effects to the majority of businesses and enterprises.

Fifth, the visual effect is good, the screen uses the most popular LED color screen at present, the color is gorgeous, the three-dimensional sense is full, and it has a strong visual impact. The unique shape of this form is easy to attract the public's attention.

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