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LED Screen Truck advertising industry new ideas

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As traditional advertising becomes more competitive, are you thinking about the future of the advertising industry when less and less new ads are not appealing to you? Have you considered using a new media approach to finding a new exit? Here are some media rental car rental related information, hoping to help you.
Taizhou Jingchuan Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd, with more than 30 national intellectual property rights, is the LED advertising vehicles, traffic police car advocate LED standards. Its products cover 22 series of 5 series including trailers, trucks, buses and containers, occupying 80% of the domestic market. The products are exported to over 30 countries and regions in Europe, the United States and the Middle East.
LED advertising car in the major shopping malls, crossroads, squares can park, and can also achieve mobile playback, truly multi-angle all-round radiation to each customer.
LED advertising car features:
Peace of mind: save the inconvenience of construction, such as environmental damage, poor traffic, noise pollution, time-saving, labor-saving, peace of mind.
Technology: scientific and technological content, powerful, outdoor full color, car body control, external control and remote control, broadcast, live, split screen playback, practical and reliable.
Convenience: Outstanding communication platform to provide audiences with a range of services including information services, cultural displays and atmosphere rendering.
Professional: simple and clear operation, computer control, to enhance the modern city atmosphere, the leading provider of more professional services.
LED advertising vehicles are not subject to geographical restrictions, the product but you want to open anywhere to advertise; can be based on customer demand by a fixed line; LED media vehicle advertising screen can be based on the characteristics of the product in the ever-changing colors and shapes , Unique shape, colorful, full of three-dimensional, a strong visual impact; many vehicles lined up in the word cloud media to form an advertising team, is a huge outdoor billboards. In the bustling commercial sites, squares, parks and other key areas and target consumers on-site showcase, exchange, interaction, a wide range of promotions, customers can get the maximum effect of advertising.
LED media car is a new mobile media, has been accepted by all walks of life, the future of this colorful content will also infiltrate into various forms of advertising in every corner of your life, you are not some moving? For more information, you can pay attention to the vision official website consulting.

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