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Jingchuan open "pleasant electric car" to promote a new era

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Founded in 1998, the "Keren" electric vehicle is the core brand of Linhai Minnet Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating professional research, development, production and sales. The products are sold throughout the country, In the industry has a high reputation and reputation. The company is located in the famous historical and cultural city of Zhejiang Linhai. With the increasingly fierce competition in the electric car market, in order to expand their visibility and attract more tourists, the pleasant electric car has specially chosen our Shanghai vision of the LED advertising car as a weapon of their propaganda in the new era.

And the most suitable advertising in the second and third tier cities such as advertising is of course the 3360 series! We Jingchuan this advertising car 3360 series is ideal for shuttle in the streets of small cities, you can maximize the publicity, so that every audience may become our potential customers. At the same time, as a major advantage of LED advertising vehicles, a clear rain and windproof outdoor LED color screen is essential, when parked on both sides of the road, by playing some wonderful electric cars on the HD video and Clear acoustics, can attract pedestrians on both sides of the road have stopped to watch.

As one of the highest cost Jingchuan LED advertising car 3360 series has been the first choice for businesses in urban advertising, in particular, a lot of traffic police fire truck promotional car also prefer Jingchuan this 3360 series LED advertising car, its size Moderate body, the perfect advertising effect has been favored, the same, its affordable price is also one of the main reasons for its popularity. Whether it's buying or renting, it's your first choice for city promotion.

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