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Jingchuan e car into the "Pearl of Africa"

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This is a beautiful country Uganda in the eastern part of Africa with a total area of 241,500 square kilometers and a lot of lakes with an average elevation of 1000 to 1,200 meters. It is called "Highland Water Country." This unparalleled magnificence is called by the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill "Pearl of Africa." Today, we expect the e-car came to this beautiful and prosperous place in response to Uganda's presidential election.

In February 2016, Uganda will hold a presidential election, which is a major event in Uganda's entire nation. In order to expand publicity and enhance public awareness of political participation, we envisaged LED advertising car so as an important means of publicity into this piece of Pearl of Africa.

Two brightly colored, compact LED advertising vehicles will broadcast Ugandan elections on the streets of Uganda. Small and flexible small LED advertising car can be back and forth in the streets of Uganda, in the beautiful scenery of the beautiful Uganda, the two bright yellow LED advertising car can slowly rise the big screen, playing a wonderful video, and then With the sound effect, to ensure that people can understand the participation in this national event.

This is different from the concept of advertising cars with the same models of Jingchuan LED advertising car 3360 series models have several differences. First of all, since it is an advertising vehicle marketed overseas, it naturally has a different driver's seat. The driver's seat of the two vehicles is on the left in order to meet the road requirements of left-leaning Uganda. The two cars were then air-conditioned in their car compartments, but also because of Uganda's high climate in Africa, in order to create a comfortable environment, the LED advertising vehicles we envisaged installed air-conditioners in the car compartments. This all reflects the personalized customization of our vision advertising vehicles to meet the various needs of customers.

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