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Outdoor publicity mainstream media

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In the bustling city, automotive LED mobile media is undoubtedly a beautiful landscape. At present, many newspapers and SVA groups make full use of the high mobility, high coverage, high arrival rate and high efficiency and low cost of automotive LED mobile media , Strive to build outdoor advocacy mainstream media, building a good platform for convenience people and the public consultation services.

LED advertising vehicles, many LED products in the market is the most clear business opportunities for the project. With the rapid economic development, the demand for information distribution by enterprises and the general public has been constantly expanding. For the development of automotive LED mobile media provides a more superior development conditions.

Car LED mobile media, is an important outdoor advertising media, convenience consulting services platform, high-quality advertising carrier. Press, Radio and Television Group to use car LED mobile media this a good platform for innovation in public cultural service system, broaden the main channel of media publicity, efforts to create outdoor advocacy mainstream media.

LED advertising vehicles will not be limited to a fixed route, so it touches the pedestrians every day the overall number, coverage, which allows the car LED mobile media reach in the audience with other media does not have the advantage.

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