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How to Measure Results with Moving Billboard Campaigns

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The greatest advantage of using moving billboards to drive your brand is, of course, the move-ability factor. No other medium can guarantee coverage at the exact physical locations your audience lives, works or plays, and with our proprietary true proximity targeting software, you can put your message in front of your precise target audience with a customized route that targets on both geography and demography. Using larger-than- life creative, these moving ads are more likely to be noticed and recalled than static out-of- home (OOH) ads. No waiting for bulletin inventory to finally come available in the right market, and no set flight durations. 

Moving billboards are cost-effective and offer one of the most flexible OOH buys, so you can strategically place messaging when and where it matters the most. And don’t forget, they’re just dang awesome looking.

Moving billboards remain our outdoor advertising superheroes. They are our clients’ most preferred method for driving results and are proven to heighten awareness, drive foot traffic and increase sales. And because we’re so buttoned up, your brand will never be at risk in our hands. That’s what being your strategic partner means to us.Our moving billboard options have expanded as we continue to innovate. 
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