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Mobile exhibition trailer services

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Mobile exhibition trailer design is so important to the success of your campaign, The first question you have to ask is what are you trying to achieve, Public information or Product service information, Brand marketing or Hospitality.

We first ask our clients to consider this before proceeding with a design that fits the purpose of your campaign and budget, get the design right enables your show team to successfully interact with your customers, get it wrong and you’ll soon realise youv wasted your budget.

Examples of design mistakes can be seen on every show ground throughout the UK, Consumers have to clime steps and cross platforms before opening a door before they even view your products.

Our mobile exhibition trailer designs eliminate un wanted barriers, open plan ground level displays showing your products at there best, privet hospitality areas behind the ground level showcase enables you to chat in privet with out compromising the overall design.

We also offer hire and lease options of product marketing trailers, including both new and used mobile exhibition trailers reconstructed to fit your own requirements, sprayed and branded to your company colours.
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