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EF16 Mobile LED trailer

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A Large Mobile LED Trailer(EF16) mounted for large outdoor events!
Suitable for Large Outdoor Events such as Outdoor Concerts, Festivals, Screenings, Sporting Events, LIVE Video or Games activations. Lower operation costs allow you to offer much better rates for your customers.  You no longer need the entire crew to set up the screen.
Hydraulic mast with 360° rotation.
The most efficient screen unfolding system available. As a result, it enables smooth screen lifting and rotation. Designed to ensure the best possible performance and reliability.
Convenient operation using remote controller.
Take control of your MobiLED thanks to the optional remote controller. It enables you to adjust the screen position without even touching it.
Parameter Description :
1、P3/P4/P5 outdoor Fullcolor screen:5500mm*3000mm;
2、Foldable screen can be lifted up 2000mm; Rotate 360 degrees
3、Kinglight light
4、with sound
5、German ALKO chassis
If you are interested, please contact us.

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