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EYZD22 Mobile double sides screen LED truck

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EYZD22 Mobile LED truck is the most adaptable screen truck with double sides LED screens. It carries on-board generator to power its screens and control systems.EYZD22 can run live TV, DVD, Slide shows, Youtube, Internet, Social Media and interface into SDI/HDMI for live event cameras.
Hydraulic mast with 360° rotation.
Mobile LED truck(EYZD22 double sides) are equipped with LED screens mounted on a hydraulic mast with 360° rotation. That enables you to set the screen position freely in any desired direction.
Convenient operation using remote controller.
Take full control of LED screen lifting and rotation. Operate it from the outside and get a much better overview of the situation.
Parameter Description :
1、Structure, DECO hyraulic, pumps ,
2、Screen frame can be lifted up 2m and rotate 360
3、 4 support legs,
4、with P5 outdoor fullcolor screen,kinglight light
5、without truck chassis
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