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Benefits Of Using Mobile Led Displays

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A mobile LED display is a flexibel way to use your LED display at companies or events. In theory, every LED display can also be made mobile by mounting on a trailer. There are different types of trailers available, including open trailers or trailers with a closed structure in which a fully shielded space for the LED display and a separate control room are provided.

Benefits Trailer is movable and therefore free of permit. Because of moveability the trailer can be used at different locations Construction of various types of LED displays on trailer possible Trailer with hydraulic lifting mast that can be rotated 360° and support legs for wind load.

For protection of the mobile LED display, built-in GPS tracking system is optionable.

Perfectly readable from every angle, under all weather conditions Can be used for advertising or ‘live TV’ such als sports games Dimmer: automatic brightness control based on ambient light and content.

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