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5 Advantages of Moving Billboards

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Moving Billboards are Twice as Effective

According to research from Product Acceptance and Research Inc. Moving billboard trucks are twice as effective as standard moving billboards when it comes to driving the sale of a product. Some companies in this research even saw increases of sales of up to 107 percent.

With this advertising method, your business is able to reach more people than it could with a billboard on the side of a highway.

People Recall Your Messagepeople will remember your moving billboards

The Transportation Advertising Council recently found that messages on moving billboard trucks have a 97 percent recall rate with customers. Using this style of advertising, consumers are more prone to recalling not only the specific advertisement, but the location of the advertisement.

Moving Billboard Advertising is Cost Effective

In today’s economy, saving money in a business is key. Many companies out there find themselves sinking money into traditional methods of advertising with little to no results at times. Through the use of a billboard truck or glass cube display, you can see significant cost savings and get your money’s worth. You don’t have to worry about paying a company to put up a large, expensive moving billboard or paying for air time on a channel that people might not be watching.

People Like to Hit the Road

With this many people in on the road a week, you have a major advantage to get your message across. In-car audiences are key to driving your product sales. Think about how many static moving billboards you have driven past and not given a second thought to. Using a moving billboard truck or display cube, your brand can keep up with drivers on the road and place your message in their immediate memory.

You are in Control

Ad campaigns are typically a stop and start method. Things can change on a dime and it is your responsibility as a business owner to take control and make those changes. With radio or static billboard ads, these changes can be costly and put you out of control when it comes to steering your ad campaign in the right direction.

Using an advertising campaign on wheels, these changes are much easier to make and you have more control over what content is placed in front of your audience.

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