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5 reasons why mobile billboards have advantages over traditional

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Ad Targeting

Mobile billboards dominate traditional billboards by reaching urban areas and dense inner cities where traditional ooh isn't available. By matching drivers with routes in areas that match your audience, mobile billboards get consumers to take action by most of the time being the last ooh media they see before making a purchase decision.

Cost Efficiency

Utilizing mobile ads are a perfect way to add ooh media to your ad budget. Mobile billboards are extremely cost effective, brands are now able to run campaigns for up to an entire year for the same price as a traditional billboard in some markets.

Digital Mobile Billboard Retargeting

Our mobile billboard units are equipped with new technology which captures unique cell id’s and can retarget specific users who came within viewshed of the unit. Our beacon captures ids at street level within 400 feet of the mobile ad.


You now have the power to control your brand presence in a given area with mobile billboards. Mobile billboards are flexible option when it comes to ooh media, allowing you to change out your ad when you see fit, perfect for companies with seasonal themes and messages.

View Time

Since mobile billboards travel dense inner cities and highways within your campaign's radius, mobile billboards have a higher view time due to the stops at houses and businesses through the day reaching people at peak traffic hours.
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