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Exhibition trailers and vehicles

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We specialise in the construction of exhibition trailers from 3 to 7 metres in body length and have few equals when it comes to creating original design and specification. We design and build all of our exhibition trailers with your success in mind. Whatever your promotional activity we can advise on what we feel is the best and most cost effective exhibition trailer solution for you.

After initial creative design we build each chassis frame, each body, selected features and interior fit out to satisfy your promotional requirements so that your customers can learn more about your products and services.

Each of our exhibition trailer sizes and types can be equipped with exciting and practical features such as manual or automated expanding pods to increase floor space, platforms and canopies to form inviting entrances, swing out display panels to provide additional message space, wheelchair access ramps for ease of access and many more unique components. All incorporated into our manufacture to help each and every one of your events succeed.

We can also provide services such as climate control, on board power, water supply internet connectivity and the latest technological equipment for display and communication are all within our abilities.
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