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4 Basic Benefits of Stage Container Trucks for Service Businesses

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What Is a Stage Container Truck?

Obviously, a stage container truck is so-named for its box-like shape. Also known as a cube van, cube truck, box van or a rolling toaster, a stage container truck is a basically a cabin truck that has an enclosed area for storing cargo. The cabin is usually separated from the cargo area, although some models have a door separating the cabin from the cargo component. 

Stage container trucks, which come in various sizes, are used for several types of tasks. In addition to delivering services and products to clients, they're also used to bring equipment to job sites and transport inventory from warehouses to retail stores. 

1. Free Advertising

One of the main perks of having a stage container truck for your service business is that you can have free advertising on wheels. Consider how you can use your truck to promote your brand and how the details of your business are much more visible to the public than what's seen on the tiny door decals of a pickup truck.

2. Not Having to Hook Up and Pull a Trailer

Do spend a lot of time each day hooking up a trailer? Besides being time-consuming, pulling a trailer is also expensive as it can mean paying more for fuel. Fortunately, when you drive a stage container truck, you don't have to worry about hauling all the extra weight of a trailer.

As result, your deliveries can be quicker, and you can give more attention to traveling to a job site and providing high-quality service to your customers. Furthermore, you can save time by not having to disconnect a trailer at end of the day as well as unload your equipment.

3. Safe Storage Container

Another huge reason for using a stage container truck is that it provides a secure, safe place for storing tools and equipment. When your merchandise and tools are stored in a stage container truck, it's highly unlikely vandals will be able break in and steal your stuff. Moreover, your goods and tools aren't affected by inclement weather, such as wind and rain.

4. Easier to Maneuver and Better Gas Mileage

Stage container trucks are mainly used for doing local runs since they're easier to maneuver than large semi-trucks. In most cases, a stage container truck has better gas mileage than larger trucks. Because of their ideal size and fuel consumption, stage container trucks can be the perfect solution for driving in tight areas and congested traffic.

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