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3 Benefits of a Moving Billboard for Your Campaign

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It is not a skippable ad

Other advanced technology advertisements you see today gives you the power to skip them. Whether it is an ad on a YouTube video you are watching or a commercial on the TV, you have the ability to easily ignore it.

This does not apply to moving billboards. If a roving billboard truck stops and grabs your attention, there is no way to disregard it. Unlike online advertisements that you can block, a moving billboard coming your way is something you can’t miss.

You reach actual people every time

There will always be people outdoors. Seventy percent of people’s time is spent outside of their homes going to work, doing errands, and interacting with other people. Americans also spend around 300 hours in their cars each year, and 70 percent of people inside these cars consciously look at moving billboards when driving.

Placing your moving billboard where your target audience is will ensure that they will notice your message or brand. Compared to TV and radio ads, more people see moving billboards. They are much cheaper than the mentioned ads, and they remain effective in grabbing people’s attention.

Moreover, using OOH advertising, especially in cities, is more valuable because more people are moving to bigger cities.

The more creative you are, the greater your impact

One of the goals of any moving billboard is to capture people’s attention. If your team successfully creates a creative campaign, people will remember it for a long time. Nowadays, technology allows brands to display 3D or interactive visuals on LED screens. The use of clever copy and bold colors can make your campaign more interesting.

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