"The crowd" starts the trailer 100 cities tour, clocks in the national landmark building!


The movie "the crowdis a new year comedy film directed by Rao Xiaozhi, starred by Andy Lau, Xiao Yang and Wan Qian. It tells a series of funny and thought-provoking stories caused by the exchange of life. At present, online publicity is in full swing, while offline promotion is launching 150 Led trailers tours in nearly 100 cities in China for 2 days.

After receiving the task, Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the executor of the 100 city tour of the movie caravan, immediately set up an operation team of nearly 200 people, and assembled 150 LED trailers to turn into the "rescue car for the movie with the surge of people". One day before the event, 150 LED trailers and 150 drivers were in place in the designated cities, and all the broadcast materials and the tour routes were planned in advance; for the two-day event, the tour time of LED trailers was basically longer than the scheduled time, and the warm-up was started in advance every day to delay the ending time.

The LED trailers carries the MV of the new year, the promotion song of the crowd, through the streets and alleys, and clocks in the landmark buildings of 100 cities across the country. According to the feedback of the masses, they have high expectations for the film of the crowd, super All-Star lineup and strength to gather the crowd". The cheerful and dynamic melody of the film promotion song of the new year will become a magic brainwash It seems that the main melody of this year's Spring Festival is directed by our immortal male god, Andy Lau!

The completion of the whole LED trailers tour activity has achieved the expected effect. The movie promotion song "new year" MV, which has been broadcast, has a magic melody reaching the audience's deep mind and deep memory. We believe that what the crowdbrings us is not only surprise and move, but also the thinking and empathy of life. Let us meet you on the first day of the year, watch the movie the crowd. Waiting for you!

The above is the related introduction of the activity of the crowdto open the LED trailer 100 cities tour and punch in the national landmark building. If you have the same need of promoting the tour activities recently, you can learn about Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to create a one-stop trailers rental service for you, and your satisfaction is our pursuit!

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