"Nancang Cherry Blossom Festival" with Jingchuan Mobile LED Stage Vehicle


On March 20, 2021, the third cultural tourism festival and "Nancang Cherry Blossom Festival" in Jiaodao town was grandly opened. The one-stop mobile LED stage vehicle provided by Taizhou Jingchuan, as the stage equipment for performance, helped the Cherry Blossom Festival and added luster to the Cherry Blossom Festival.

After experiencing the cold peak of the epidemic, we ushered in a warm spring, which is a good time to enjoy the flowers. The 500 mu cherry blossoms in Nancang village, Jiaodao Town, have been in full bloom as expected. The cherry petals are full of fragrant trees, which form a unique "Romance of Nancang" and attract many tourists. At the opening ceremony of Nancang Cherry Blossom Festival, not only famous bands presented songs for you, but also wonderful performances attracted tourists. At that time, tourists swarmed in, and our Cherry Blossom Festival theme mobile LED stage vehicle also attracted tourists.

The "Cherry Blossom Festival themed mobile LED stage vehicle" customized and refitted by Jingchuan company is a 12.5-meter-long Container style. The interior space of the mobile LED stage vehicle is about 28 square meters. The exterior of the car can be expanded to a folding stage of about 25 square meters. It is equipped with a 10 square meter outdoor LED full-color screen for audio playback. The carriage of the mobile LED stage vehicle has been built into a large stage for guests to perform. The  vehicle with the theme of "cherry blossoms under the blue sky" is pasted on the exterior decoration of the  mobile LED stage vehicle. The whole vehicle is integrated with the environment, which is bright and harmonious.

When tourists come to Nancang Cherry Blossom Festival in Jiaodao Town, Wuyi County, they turn a few turns with the vehicle. Suddenly, the front is clear, and the green mountains and clear waters are like a paradise. You can not only stroll under the cherry trees, but also enjoy the wonderful performances on the mobile LED stage vehicle. There are mountains, water, cherry blossoms and performances, which make people forget to return.

The above is the introduction of Jingchuan mobile LED stage vehicle to help "Nancang Cherry Blossom Festival". Jingchuan has an operation team of more than 200 people, providing professional drivers for vehicle driving, parking and other transportation services, and technical personnel for mobile LED stage vehicle, LED advertising vehicle, publicity vehicle, multimedia and other functional operation services, which can create the whole activity process planning for you, For your activities escort, icing on the cake. If you need a mobile LED stage vehicle in the near future, you can come to know about our Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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