Dawang Xiaoqingtian Diapers LED Truck National Tour in Full Swing


In March 2021, Dawang diaper's star product "xiaoqingtian" is coming. The "Dawang xiaoqingtian" diaper LED truck roadshow runs two LED trucks, which are transformed into "xiaoqingtian diaper product exhibition car". The three-month brand promotion of Dawang xiaoqingtian diaper will be carried out in 25 cities across the country. At that time, the LED trucks will cruise through the streets and face-to-face show. Dawang Xiaoqingtian Diapers are introduced to our customers -- "the king comes every day on a sunny day".

Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Co., Ltd. undertook the LED truck operation of the event, and was responsible for the exhibition promotion and on-site roadshow activities of the two LED trucks. In the preparation stage, twoLED trucks were refitted in Jingchuan factory. One LED truck was transformed into a mobile stage car with a stage, which could be used to host the performance and broadcast the advertisement on sunny day; the other LED truck was transformed into a diaper tour car on sunny day, which was driven to all regions of the country for warm-up publicity. At the official launch stage of the event, our Jingchuan LED trucks operation team went all out to clarify the tasks of each operator, confirm the time and route of the event in advance,

Each station will clock in fixed-point photos and videos, and give customers the video photos of the activity site at the first time, so that customers can understand the warm atmosphere of the activity site remotely.

Why do more and more brand enterprises choose LED trucks as their offline vehicle? It's all thanks to the LED truck's strong advantages! Below, Jingchuan small edition will introduce you what the strong advantages does LED truck have.

1. Mobile: where there are more people, where to broadcast and publicize, where to think;

2. Attraction: everywhere you go, there is a beautiful scenery that attracts people's attention. Unlike traditional advertisements, it can attract countless people's eyes instantly;

3. Effect: gorgeous color, strong visual impact, huge screen, strong publicity effect. No print media can compare, and equipped with high-end surround sound, it can be said that audio-visual both;

4. Innovation: advertising is to be innovative and effective. Advertising is to effect, if theres no effect, the advertising is useless. LED truck is professional for customers to invest accurate advertising benefit maximization service.

The above is the introduction of the national tour of the king and xiaoqingtian diapers LED truck. At present, the activity is still in hot and hot. More follow-up reports will be presented one by one. To understand the operation of LED truck customers, please regarding our Taizhou Jingchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., our one-stop service will protect your activities!

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